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Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

These stuffed potatoes make a sweet meal! See what I did there ;) The benefits of sweet potatoes are vast and I love to incorporate for a fuel filled starch in my meals. Simply bake your potatoes and pile high with toppings that suit you for a wholesome plant based meal or add on some grilled chicken, shrimp, ground turkey.. whatever sounds good and what you may have on hand!

Serves 4

4 medium sweet potatoes

Optional toppings:

Roasted chickpeas

Black or cannellini beans

Grape tomatoes (less acidic)



Cooked bell peppers *see note

Sauteed spinach or kale

Fresh herbs (I love cilantro!)

Creamy ranch dressing recipe found here

Preheat oven to 400. Line sheet with parchment paper. Bake sweet potatoes until soft, about 1 hour depending on size. Load with all your favorite toppings!

Note: Cooking peppers makes them easier to digest by breaking down their skins, which may help those suffering from acid reflux.

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