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Pesto Flatbread

Updated: Jan 12

I've been experimenting with different gluten free crusts and was pleasantly surprised with this one! I actually found a box crust that has completely wholesome ingredients (immense celebration!) Pile with your favorite healthy toppings and enjoy pizza night!

Prepare your Simple Mills gluten free almond flour crust according to box directions. You can find here

While the crust is baking, prep your toppings. I used spinach, broccoli, grilled chicken and goat cheese. (I have found that I tolerate goat cheese in moderation). Use a cheese that agrees best with you, sprinkle nutritional yeast or simply omit.

I'd recommend baking the crust (before toppings on) longer than the box directions especially if you're using fresh or pre cooked toppings. The toppings will overcook with the length of the crust bake and this crust needs at least 30 minutes to cook. Spread dough thinner for crisper crust.

*Note: I love Seggiano brand Pesto! It is dairy free without additives and preservatives.

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