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Mango Sauce Stir Fry

I saw baby corn at Trader Joe's and instantly thought Stir Fry! Yep I get excited about new veggies to add to meals-lol! That's what keeps things fresh and exciting, take an old favorite and re-create it with some new additions. I also wanted to try a different sauce and this mango maple sauce is fab! Stir fry is so flexible, use any vegetables or protein you have on hand! Serve over rice or quinoa or on it's own! Winner winner stir fry dinner!

Serves 3-4

Mango Maple Sauce

1 cup mango (fresh or frozen)

1 tsp sesame oil (or evoo)

2 Tbs pure maple syrup

1 Tbs water

2 tsp fresh lime juice (acidity cooks off)

Pinch of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg

4-6 cups your choice vegetables (I used baby corn, broccoli, mushrooms, carrots and snow peas.)

2 cups shredded chicken, here's my easy crockpot recipe

1 Tbs extra virgin olive oil

Make up your sauce. If using frozen mango, let sit at room temperature while you're preparing the veggies to soften. Then add all sauce ingredients to blender or processor and blend until smooth.

In large skillet add oil and heat to medium-high. Add in vegetables and saute for about 5 minutes until crisp tender. I often short cut this by using steam bag veggies. Add your cooked chicken and sauce and stir to heat through and fully coat veggie and chicken mixture. Watch the reel here


Protein: Shrimp, chickpeas, tofu

Vegetables: Green beans, celery, bok choy, cabbage

Add a little tamari sauce or coconut aminos for some umami

Garnish with chopped nuts and sesame seeds.

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